Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Site Description and Features

Furbo.eu is a social network that offers the possibility to communicate with other people and share content such as videos, photos, text and links. Below Furbo.eu will also referred to as "the site".
Inspection of the site is free and anyone can access web pages via a standard "browser", however there are sections of the site only accessible by Registered Users logging is also necessary in order to interact with other registered users and to publish content on the site.

Site Registration

Anyone see the web pages of Furbo.eu or recording to Furbo.eu fully accepts the conditions contained in this website. The validity of these conditions shall be construed as a contract for use of the services offered by Furbo.eu.
Order to use the services offered must Furbo.eu can uniquely identify users and registration is required. When you register in Furbo.eu you must provide the following minimum information: name, surname and e-mail address below will be referred to as "basic information". You can choose to store additional information such as date and place of birth, city where you are or photographs which will then be referred to as "additional information".
User who registers on Furbo.eu accepts that input data are stored for the sole purpose of enabling the use of the site and is responsible for data input, in particular undertakes not to enter data of third persons without permission of their respective owners, do not enter data that refer to trademarks owned by third persons or companies, provide only e-mail which you hold, do not enter data that may offend other person, do not enter data for people aged under 14 years even if explicit consent.

Recording via Facebook ®

To register at Furbo.eu you can use the functionality provided by Facebook ®, at the time of first login through Facebook ®, Facebook ® will ask for permission to you to provide certain personal information if you agree to these Furbo.eu Data will be provided automatically by a Furbo.eu Facebook ®, which will store in its database name, whether man or woman, e-mail user ID and Facebook ®, these data will subsequently be referred to as "data". The user who is logged on Furbo.eu using the functionality provided by Facebook ® accepts that the transmitted data are stored for the sole purpose of enabling the use of the site and is responsible for the data transmitted, in particular agrees to register through Facebook ® only if the data entered on Facebook ® data of third persons are not placed without permission of their respective owners, does not refer to trademarks owned by third persons or companies do not provide e-mail addresses that you do not currently hold, not may offend other person, does not provide data of persons under the age of 14 years even if explicit consent.

Use by children

By joining Furbo.eu expressly declaring that you have reached the age of 14 years. Furthermore it is forbidden to enter data of persons under the age of 14 years even with explicit consent from the holders of such data.

Account and password

To access your account, you must choose a password, the user who is logged on Furbo.eu will not provide third parties access to their data Furbo.eu and not give your account to third persons.
Furbo. eu prohibits anyone any attempt to obtain your login information or personal data is not disclosed to third persons recorded on Furbo.eu.

Data of "navigation"

Logging into your account (directly or through Facebook ®), Furbo.eu store cookies on your browser that will allow Furbo.eu uniquely identify the user who is viewing the pages. Disconnecting from Furbo.eu cookies are deleted automatically.
The site will store the IP address and the date when you create a new account, you access your account, change personal information, publish or content you upload a photo .
The pages with the IP addresses and the date will be stored in systems of visitor statistics provided by Google ® (® Google Analitics).

How are personal data stored and managed

The personal data will be stored in a database, using the tools provided by the site users can modify the data except the e-mail that is used to uniquely identify the User.
Users are also allowed to cancel your account and if so will erase all personal data.
The e-mail will never be published on the website and name entered will be visible, other data will be visible only if the user has them inserted decide to make them visible.

Publication of contents

For the content is any text (even comments), image, video or link of Furbo.eu added that, unlike the personal information, is intended to be shared with friends or to be made ??public.
The User is responsible the content they publish on Furbo.eu, in particular, must not post content that is covered by intellectual property rights belonging to third persons or companies, illegal, offensive, pornographic, racist, violent, sensitive data or documents of persons or companies or computer viruses can spread.
Furbo.eu reserves the right to remove content that it considers do not comply with this regulation and reserve power to cancel the accounts of members who persevere to publish contents do not comply with this regulation.
By posting content on the Furbo.eu, the user provides a non-exclusive, transferable, which may be awarded as sub-licensable, royalty-free and valid throughout the world, which allows the use of published content, such license shall expire when the user removes the content unless the content has not been shared by others and that they have not removed.

Code of conduct

Users are responsible for comments and private e-mail sent to other users and content published on your wall and the other Board Members, in particular Users agree not to harass other users, do not send messages or e-mail with commercial information to other members, not to offend or insult other users.

Share Button with Furbo.eu

Entering the "Share with Furbo.eu" on the web pages Wemaster are responsible for the content that may be shared by users in particular undertake not to enter the "Share with Sly" on pages that do not comply with this regulation.

Disclosure of personal data or content

In the event that the authorities requesting such, he will be allowed to consult the database (it is not technically possible to extract data and images of account or contents removed).